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Playing At Last

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It’s been five years since my BRAO and two years since choosing to keep the same base-right prism for my second set of glasses. At that office visit with my Developmental Optometrist, I could not walk a straight line with the prism, with more prism or without prism. I simply went with the same strength based on my own observations here.

From time to time, I have put on my red-green glasses, and the amount of red I have seen clearly shows me that I still use my half blind right eye with my left by default as I described here.

But I have not done anything in the way of Vision Therapy. That is about to change.

This spring I began to fervently wish, once again, for NO prism other than something to help my half-blind right eye: the kind of prism that was used in an office visit just after my BRAO in 2011 to help me see the Brock string a little better.

My fervor deepened into what felt like rebellion:

  • I wanted to “take off the training wheels” by going back to NO prism.
  • I wanted to take ownership for what was wrong in my head.
  • I wanted to work on my posture to align with true center with the balance board, yoga  exercises and massage therapy
  • I wanted to revisit the Brock String, hang on to that “X” that marks my true center with BOTH eyes, and push it further.

This June, I got an eye exam from another optometrist who had no objections to going without base-right prism. He prescribed new progressive glasses, with a bit more magnification for reading and NO prism. Furthermore, he was willing to work with me to possibly prescribe a stick-on prism so that I can experiment with the Brock string. I have an appointment to assess what amount of prism, if any, would be helpful on July 19 and to discuss my vision goals. I get to bring in my Brock String! I am as excited as a kid in a candy shop at the thought of having possible access to a few new Bernell toys to play with.

Today, after five years, I got out my Brock String, now slightly yellowed, and tied one end to a doorknob and checked my fusional area in the hallway. There is no denying I still have a fusional area! Just as before, I could line up the “X” the string images from each eye make around the yellow bead (this time at 12”)

How my New Brock String appears

How my Brock String appeared in April 2011

But, instead of seeing the string disappear behind the bead due to the blind area in my right retina, I could see some string, flickering in an out! A full “X” image! Furthermore, if I looked at the “X” around the yellow bead AND the red bead that was 12” behind it (the big picture?) I could easily see and hold the image of those two red beads in back!


How my Brock String looked today

Resurrection, unburying my desire, has been a long process of facing my very deep personal hang ups and fears, and moving back to that place of risk-taking.

But I am doing it!


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June 27, 2016 at 3:09 pm

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