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Connecting More Dots In Strabismus

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I just introduced myself as strabismic to a perfect stranger on Wednesday. As Greg fetched an end table in the store for me, and offered an additional discount for the floor model, I noticed a strong turn-in on his right eye. I told him I was also strabismic and asked if he alternates use of his eyes. Both eyes lit up and he cheerfully reported “No— I can barely see out of this eye.”

He said it never used to bother him, but lately he was considering surgery if he could even get enough money together. I told him to hold off and consider vision therapy and gave him my blog address where he can connect to Strabby, who has improved her vision in her lazy eye.

Added bonus: this week’s article by Dr. Press about creating more synergy with vision therapy before and after possible strabismus surgery!

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yes-no Is strabismus surgery a cosmetic procedure?  The simple answer, believe it or not, can be yes, no, or maybe.  Let’s begin by connecting more of the dots that we put down on paper in our previous blog regarding strabismus as a head-to-toe problem .  It has become clear over the past few years that the deficits involved in strabismus extend well beyond misaligned eyes, evident by scrolling through the many blog posts in which we’ve addressed these issues.  Is it reasonable to consider strabismus surgery as more than a cosmetic procedure?

Burton Kushner is a pediatric ophthalmologist in Wisconsin who has written a great deal on this subject.  In particular he has addressed the topic regarding adults, who have the disposable income and life perspective on making an elective decision about undergoing strabismus surgery.  What prompts us to think about this more is Dr. Kushner’s article in the May issue…

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Written by Lynda Rimke

April 25, 2014 at 10:17 am

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