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Some are color blind. I am stereo blind.

Portrait drawn with alternating esotropia

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Lynda Rimke self-portrait ©2010

This is the first of a series of self-portraits I plan to draw to chronicle my journey to 3d vision. I drew this with my center-occluded glasses. I used the left eye to see my image in the mirror to my left, and used my right eye to draw it on the paper to my right. I didn’t move my head.

While this sounds terribly complicated, it wasn’t any more work for my brain than normal. My brain works overtime to shut off one eye or the other, all day, all night, 24/7. My vision therapist calls this condition “alternating esotropia.” Esotropia means “turn in.” Let’s wiki the rest:

“In an alternating esotropia the patient is able to alternate fixation between their right and left eye so that at one moment the right eye fixates and the left eye turns inward, and at the next the left eye fixates and the right turns inward.”

I have accepted this rogue software program all my life. I feel that it sucks brain power, big time. Normal, binocular vision, where both eyes point and see the same thing at the same time has been overridden in my brain by malware: a switching program that causes me to multi-task in order to do anything else along with the eye switching: walk, talk, eat … drive … dance … draw.

Normal binocular vision is what my bone-headed dog uses to catch an aerobie disc. It does not take much brain power, really!

Our dog catching an Aerobie flying disc


Written by Lynda Rimke

December 11, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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  1. I seriously think this is why you have such a hard time driving and doing anything else. The processor load for keeping track of so many moving objects as well as piloting your own moving object has got to be insane.

    I’m impressed you can even do it!


    December 21, 2010 at 10:23 pm

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