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Some are color blind. I am stereo blind.

The Frame Game

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I seem to have accomplished something new, and I am quite pleased. Whether it is significant, I’m not sure.

Yesterday and today, after playing eye ping pong for almost a week, I was able to make an image from my left eye appear in my right lens. First, it was a doorstop I was looking at while sitting somewhere slightly bored. Then it was the full moon. And later I tried it with a neon sign (but am not sure I succeeded even though I thrilled thinking I was) and finally, eureka! I found a lamp reflection that changed from eye to eye. I could know for a fact the left lamp image “showed up” in the right lens area!

The picture of my glasses at top show red dots where I saw the lamp reflection when looking out of each eye, independent of the other. The green dot is where the left lamp reflection appeared when I began to encourage my right eye to team with my left. (I dotted with watercolor while looking out the lenses each way; which was a challenge as the tip of the brush got very blurry!)

Here is my crazy attempt at drawing what I saw out of each lens, as accurately as I could, measuring everything. The red color is the lamp reflection in each lens when I looked out of the left eye and the right eye alone:

The green color is the lamp reflection when I looked out of my left eye and attempted to also use my right eye:

The rest of the picture is my best guess of where the couch, doorway, etc. were as everything but the lamp reflection was pretty “jiggery” (a lyndaword).

Monday, November 22

I have repeated this “feat” several times, and am wondering if the whole “scene” is just from my left eye. If I cover my right eye, I see the same scene through my hand!

More answers coming tomorrow when I am examined and talk with a developmental optometrist who practices vision therapy.

Friday, November 26th

Forgot to ask the vision therapist, but now I’m thinking the scene is simply my left-eyed view of the world with an overlay of the part of the frame my turned-in right eye sees.

No wonder I get addled!


Written by Lynda Rimke

November 21, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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