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Some are color blind. I am stereo blind.

Counting the cost

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Wednesday, November 17th 2010

I spent all day yesterday setting up a blog to explain my vision impairment, and then spent an hour by the fire this morning thinking about vision therapy and trying to make objects float in the darkness … and then at 9am I decide to find my glasses!

There is irony here …

By the fire, I realized that Susan Barry may have BEGUN to see 3D after only 3 weeks, but her therapy to get to NORMAL 3D vision took much longer.

At $111 per session with possibly two sessions per week for two years, I am looking at $23,000 … a Golf GTI would be a whole lot more fun in the short run (and there’s Volkswagon America financing)!

The irony is I haven’t wanted to buy new glasses. In a past life, I could not justify $300-500 every year or two (my vision seems to keep changing). So I am wearing my 2005 progressive lenses because my 2007 lenses (only a quarter diopter stronger in the right eye) were anti-glare coated and the coating quickly became fuzzily scratched. (Later note: this pair is now my center-occluded pair.)

So how motivated am I to go through with this? That is the $23K question. People who are color blind just live with it. I am space blind … but for the price of a Golf Mark V GTI.

Thursday, November 18

In a Psychology Today article I researched today, Barry stated she went to therapy once a week for a year. That’s one fourth the cost!


Written by Lynda Rimke

November 17, 2010 at 10:01 am

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